25M Garden Drip Irrigation Set

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DIY 25M Drip Irrigation Set will meet all your garden’s watering needs!

Watering your plants is one of the most tedious gardening tasks. It should be done every day, but it can also take hours!

Living a busy life does not mean you cannot tend your own garden. Garden drip irrigation system, The 25M Drip Irrigation Set can be used to water your plants while you get dressed in the morning.

Connect your irrigation set to your water supply and place it throughout your garden. Open your faucet every day and carry on with your other tasks!

Garden Irrigation System

System Included in the 25M Garden Drip Irrigation Set are:

πŸ’§ It saves time and energy compared to manual watering.

πŸ’§ This is better than sprinklers because you can direct the water straight to your plants. There would be no plants left unwatered. You can place them directly on the roots and leaves of the plants.

πŸ’§Garden drip irrigation system is better than electronic irrigation. Because you have more control over the watering process. Overwatering and wilting should be avoided. Easy to use, cheaper, and less power consumption.

πŸ’§ Perfect for lawns, traditional gardens, hanging gardens, potted plants, greenhouses, flower beds, farms, and all gardening setups.

βœ… Long and thick 25M water tube to reach every plant.

βœ… Customizable drippers for customized water flow.

βœ… Fits most garden faucets and water supplies.

βœ… Easily installed tubing connectors.

βœ… Tube stakes that work on all types of soil.

βœ… The assembly is easy, fast, and only takes a few minutes.

βœ… Non-toxic plastic and rubber, safe for plants and humans.

DIY Automatic Irrigation Equipment

Garden Drip Irrigation System Specs:

Dimensions of package: 11.93 x 11.46 x 4.8 inches

The item weighs 2.99 pounds

Plastic and rubber

Drip irrigation system for garden included in the package:

1 x 25M Water Tube

3 x Hose Sockets

1 x Adhesive Tape

10 x Adjustable Drippers

10 x Tubing Connectors

10 x Tubing Spikes

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