DIY Outdoor Cooling Misting System

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Cool your outdoor areas such as your patio, lawn, garden, and backyard with this water mist system.


Water helps your plants cool down, and you do too! That is why any garden or lawn enthusiast should have this DIY Outdoor Misting Cooling System.

You can have a really awful summertime. However, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoors water misting cooler – cooling mist system with your family!

Whenever you would like, you can have a cup of coffee with your husband/wife while your kids and pets are playing around!

The DIY Outdoor Misting Cooling System:

💦 Designed to be installed anywhere outdoors. From your patio to your garden to your children’s playground.

💦 It makes the outdoor temperature 7x cooler.

💦 It can also be used as a sprinkler in your lawn and greenhouse. Great for germination of garden bed seeds.

💦 You don’t need electricity! Water pressure is used for misting.  It saves 70% more water than traditional water mists.

💦 There’s no need to go to water parks and public playgrounds! Have fun while saving energy and money.


Water Misting Cooler –  Cooling Mist System Features:

✅ This atomization technology turns your water into a fine mist for instant cooling.

✅ The spray volume is 280ml per minute and the pressure is 120 PSI.

✅ DIY customizable and comes with a tube cutter.

✅ Filter mesh blocks dirt and other debris.

✅ Water misting cooler pure copper threaded joints and adapters that fit any faucet and water source.

✅ cooling mist system With a soft rubber stopper to prevent water leakage.

✅ High-quality copper fittings and UV-resistant hose make it perfect for outdoor use.

✅ Installs easily. There is no need for special tools.

✅ Non-toxic and eco-friendly. There is no sealant to prevent water contamination.


Misting System Specifications:

Weight: 1.62 lbs

Dimensions of the package: 9.61 x 8.39 x 4.09 inches

Capacity: 200-280 ml per minute

30-120 PSI Water Pressure

📦 Water misting cooler – cooling mist system Included in the package:

1 x DIY Outdoor Misting Cooling System hose

1 x Tube Cutter

1 x Nozzle

1 x Nozzle Lock

1 x Threaded Connector with Mest Filter

Limited quantity – we sell out fast!

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