Garden’s Tool® – Plant Tying Tapetool


Set (Tapetool + 10 tape rolls + staples)
Set (Tapetool + 10 tape rolls + staples)
Tape (10 pcs)
Tape (10 pcs)
Tapetool Only
Tapetool Only

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The Plant Tying Tapetool: Improve Your Plant Tying Speed INSANE

✅ Trellis in a flash

✅ Save yourself days of backbreaking work

✅ Faster than twisties, zip ties, or rope ties

✅ Works with all types of plants

✅ It doesn’t damage delicate stems

✅ Durable design lasts for years

With the Garden’s Tool® Tapetool, you can grow your plants sky-high. Easily, quickly, and safely* The uses for this thing are endless, whether it’s for grapes, berry bushes, tomatoes, roses, or anything else that climbs and needs support.

Simply wrap it around a stake or wire and pull the trigger. Any plant or crop can be held firmly and delicately by the tape, allowing you to effortlessly guide the growing process.

Why Garden’s Tool® is so good













A wide range of applications

Grow grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, etc.

Simple to handle

To tie your plants securely and efficiently, simply press down and release.

Stems are gentle

The soft and sturdy tape will not damage delicate stems like twisties, zip ties, and rope ties.

A robust design

Stainless steel is used instead of brittle plastic. Strong winds and weather conditions can’t tear tape.

Almost any stake or trellising wire can be wound around the wide bore opening to ensure a stable and secure bind. The trellising work is done within minutes!

Package Includes:  

1 x Garden’s Tool® Plant Upright Tying Tapetool(optional: 10 x Rolls Of Tying Tape (blue or red),

 10000 x Trellis Staples(*Handle might come in different colors (green, red or orange)


Set (Tapetool + 10 tape rolls + staples), Staples, Tape (10 pcs), Tapetool Only