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Glow In The Dark Pebbles

Get ready to have your garden, driveway, walkways, aquariums, or swimming pool look like a  dreamscape. Light stones can be used almost anywhere to create  a dreamy and surreal environment. You can even use them in your bar to create the feeling of a tropical party, or even in your vases to  make your plants glow at night.

The mixed pebbles come in packs of 50 and consist of 20 green, 20 blue, and 10 white  pebbles. When combined, these produce an entrancing turquoise  effect. The size of the  pebbles is around 2-3cm, which is neither too small nor too large in our opinion.

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Safe and Long-time Using

They will be able to hold a charge for up to 2-3 hours at night and will have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. The products are also made with non-harmful materials and the manufacturer guarantees they are not toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly resin is used, and they are non-mineral products.

Shining stones made of polystyrene (PS) are non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive, and environment-friendly. You can’t rest assured that your beautiful nighttime garden will not harm your plants or your family. On average, the stones have a diameter of 2-3cm.

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How to USE Glow in the Dark Stones

Using them around your home is recommended. As part of water fixtures, fountains, garden linings, lighting paths or walkways, and bringing even more life to  potted plants.

If you allow the stones to charge for a full day, you should get between 2-3 hours of  superb glowing time at night. It is also possible to charge them using a UV light lamp, which will take much less time to charge than sunlight.

Depending on the effect you want, you can combine or separate these. Together, the colors blend beautifully.

Buyer’s Guide For Rocks That Glow In The Dark

These products are a great and flexible way to add something extra to your garden, aquarium, or walkways. When something glows, you want to  make sure the product is safe. Especially since they are within children’s reach.

Therefore, let’s look at some important things to consider when choosing these fantastic decorative items: their size, color, and material. Aside from that, there are other equally interesting decorations, like glowing dyes for parties or generally dark, fluorescent-lit rooms that have a certain charm to them. From gardenstool.shop, you can decorate your house.


There are three reasons why the size of your glow in the dark stones is important. First, for  practical reasons. Secondly, for decorative purposes. The third reason is safety.

Practically, bigger stones will just have a more impressive individual effect. As a result, you can have wider spaces between stones while still maintaining good visibility. The smaller the  stone, the more you will need to group it

In terms of decoration, finer stones allow you to create more specific designs. People use stones to spell names or form shapes or to spell messages. Larger stones will be more difficult to handle.

Lastly, the smaller the stones, the easier they are to swallow and end up choking on

Color and Materials

It is a pretty straightforward consideration. You should look for a stone pack that only has one color. To get specific colors, you need to find good combinations or buy several  packs.

The most common materials used in phosphorescent products are phosphorescent, chemiluminescent, or radioluminescent. When shopping for glow products, you should only purchase phosphorescent items.

Chemiluminescent or radioluminescent glow items are not fit for consumption, so they are dangerous to  have around small children.

Luminous Stone Glow in the Dark FAQ:

  1. Q: Will the luminous stone not shine, is it ineffective?

The luminous stone stores light. It emits light by absorbing the light  source. The light is emitted every 8-12 hours, during which the first 1-2 hours are the high light period. Because there was no absorption light source during logistics, the received product did not emit light. If you get sunlight or light for a while, you can shine again.

  1. Q: Why do I have a day’s sun during the day but not at night?

The principle of luminous is to absorb light and emit light, which is why it starts to glow as soon as light is stored.   Weak light, but when you turn on the lights, you can see very bright.

Within 1-2 hours of being exposed to strong daylight for 3 hours, these pebbles can be lighted.

  1. Q: Which is the brightest color of luminous stone?

These stones are available in colors such as bright yellow, blue, and green, with white luminous particles. Yellow-green powder plus color powder is used with other colors. Toner will cover the glow of luminous powder.


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