Lawn Aerator Shoes Loose Soil

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Aerate your lawn and garden easily and comfortably with these Lawn Aerator Shoes!

In order for our plants to get the air and water they need, it’s recommended to puncture the soil every now and then.

However, who would survive digging holes for a garden larger than 2 square meters! In addition, you have to do it a few times a month. It can cause severe back pain as well as hip and spine problems.

Not to mention how annoying it could be to get soil and dirt all over your hands!

Why this Lawn Aerator should dig holes throughout your lawn hassle-free!

As you’re walking through your garden, it’ll feel like a walk in the park! Put it on your shoes and walk around your plants and grasses that need aeration. Lawn Aerator Shoes Loose Soil, You can finish your task in less than 10 minutes!

It has been verified that this process makes your plants grow almost 3x faster and healthier! Additionally, it makes grass grow greener and uniform in size!

Lawn Aerator Shoes can be used in:

🌿 Loam Soil🌿 Compacted Garden Beds🌿 Solid Clay🌿 Fibrous Roots🌿 and many more!

✅ Easy installation in 5 minutes. 

✅ 26 ultra-sharp nails that puncture soil easily.

✅ A thick shoe platform ensures nails cannot penetrate.

✅ Two straps are included for sturdiness.

✅ An adjustable and universal-fit design for all adult shoe sizes.

✅ The nails won’t become blunt after repeated use due to a durable design.

✅ Lawn Aerator Shoes Loose Soil at a low cost without heavy equipment.

✅ It is anticorrosive and won’t damage your lawn due to the large holes and the length of the holes.

✅ Included are a wrench, bolts, and a user’s manual.

Lawn Aerator Shoes Loose Soil Specs:

Green in color

The dimensions of the package are 12.68 x 5.91 x 2.17 inches

Item Weight: 2.16 pounds

Included in the package:

2 x Lawn Aerator Shoes

4 x Straps

26 x Nails

26 x Bolts

1 x Wrench

1 x User Guide

Limited quantity – we sell out fast!


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