Lawn Mowers |Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Blade

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Lawn Mowers |Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Blade

Get rid of weeds and grasses in an instant with this Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Blade! Upgrade your grass trimmer instantly!

Most grass trimmer blades do not remove grass and weeds down to the roots. You spend a lot of time fixing your lawn only to find grass and weeds the next time! It is a waste of time, effort, and energy!

Additionally, most of these grass trimmer blades can easily become blunt and dull after a few uses. What a waste of money!

The Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Blade cuts through grasses, weeds, shrubs, and other unwanted plants on your lawn to their roots. In this way, they won’t regrow anytime soon! You can easily design your lawn and protect your plants.

Due to the full iron body, it does not turn blunt and dull easily. It can be used for months or even a year!

The Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Blade is compatible with:

🌿Trimmer Plus🌿Worx🌿Greenworks🌿Makita🌿Electric Grass Trimmers🌿Gas Grass Trimmers

✅ Designed to fit most grass trimmers.

✅ Blades are made of durable iron, NOT stainless steel.

✅ Fast cuts are possible with sharp cutting edges

Cuts grass, weeds, shrubs, and even medium-size plants.

✅ Works with all types of soil: loam, compacted garden beds, solid clay, stony ground, fibrous roots, and more.

✅ Designed to operate at a maximum speed of 10,000 RPM.

✅Lawn Mowers  are easy to use. Push it down the soil and you’re good to go!

✅ Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Blade is Easy to set up and comes with all attachments.

✅ You can also use it to remodel your garden.

Lawn Mowers Specifications:

The color is black

The material is A3 iron plate

Product dimensions: 24cm / 9.45 inches (approx.)

Included in the package:

1 x Heavy Duty Brush Cutter Blade

1 x Large Bolt

1 x Small Bolt

1 x Thin-head Bolt

1 x Blade Seal

👉 Limited quantity – We sell out quickly!

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